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VCCI: Gold jewelry should be removed from the conditional business section

, 16/09/2023 GMT+7

VCCI: Gold jewelry should be removed from the conditional business section

VCCI believes that removing gold jewelry from the business group is conditional because it is a common commodity and the trade does not affect public interests.

This content was commented on by the Vietnam Confederation of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) with the Ministry of Planning and Investment for the Draft Report reviewing regulations on business conditions.

VCCI recognizes that it is necessary to narrow the scope of some conditional business sectors. According to the general list of regulations, some occupations are very broad in scope. This leads to the situation where the management agency determines many other "sub-industries" that must meet the conditions to do business. While in reality there is no need to control these industries.

For example, the gold business group (identified as a conditional business in the Investment Law appendix). In this industry, gold, jewelry, and handicrafts are conditional businesses.

According to VCCI, these are essentially normal goods. Trading in this item does not affect the benefits as well as other types of gold in the group.


"The business conditions of these goods themselves are not typical of a conditional business industry, because it is unclear about the management goals and what the State wants to manage for this industry," VCCI said. know.

Gold businesses in recent years have repeatedly proposed to remove gold jewelry from the conditional business group.

Therefore, VCCI recommends that the new draft needs to supplement the assessment of the scope of conditional investment and business industries, narrowing it down to some industry groups, of which gold business is an example.

In addition, VCCI also recommends reviewing conditional investment and business industries because many industries do not need to be controlled in this form, instead there are other more effective measures.

For example, providing art performance services, fashion shows, and organizing beauty and model contests, the State considers the content and form of the organization to decide whether to allow it or not. This means that every time a business organizes a specific event, it will have to carry out licensing procedures for that activity; the business itself does not have to meet any operating conditions. This is an appropriate and effective form of management, with the goal of controlling activities that affect culture, ideology, and fine customs. Therefore, classifying this activity as a conditional business line is not consistent with the current management method and is not reasonable.

VCCI notes that the "business conditions" tool should only be used in cases where production and business activities can affect public order (for example, with medical examination and treatment, directly affecting health). , life so it needs to be controlled from the beginning).

In cases where the production and business process does not impact public interests, and the products produced may impact public interests, the appropriate measure is to have technical standards that must be met if standards are to be met. receive.

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